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The Untouchables (1987)

The Untoichables
KingInTheNorth - wrote on 07/05/13

Chicago, the thirties. Al Capone(Robert DeNiro) is the secret mayor of the city and runs some alcohol smuggle businesses, but no one can acuse him for that. Until the cop Elliott Ness (Kevin Costner) assembles a team of "untouchable" police officers(Sean Connery, Andy Garcia, Charles Martin Smith) and tries to bring Capone to jail...

The movie is a little bit similar to the top Gangster movie "The Godfather", but "The Untouchables" is based on real events which shows more how brutal and cruel these mobster crimes are. Another difference to it is , that the script is written from the point of view of the police and not the mobsters. On the whole, the script is very good. Just a little more character development is necessary. Tze direction of Brian DePalma is as always brilliant. The production design and the costumes were great. it really looked like the thirties. The acting is perfect! Connery, DeNiro, Costner! BOOM!

All in all, is the movie a great view into the thirties and the chasing of Al Capone
Fun fact: The Wardrobe was supervised by Giorgio Armani :)

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