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James Bond is back!
Jrmovielover - wrote on 06/17/13

Skyfall is the most recent tale of our beloved British secret agent 007. After Bond is thought to have died a person from the past comes out of the shadows to wreck havoc on Agent M and the rest of MI 6. Now Bond has come out of retirement to help save the day. This is a fine film. It's paced well and shot beautifully by the extremely talented Rodger Deakens. From a beautiful fight scene in a tall hotel to a show down at a farm house in rural Scotland it's a majesty to behold. The writing is probably the most unique and well carried out part of the film. And the way Sam Mendes brings the writing to the screen is even better. The idea of having Bond face a human whose soul intent to crush Bond's body and soul and not the entire world or huge ice caps is a fantastic change of scenery. The enemy Silva is played by Javier Bardem. He plays his part with so much detail and heart. From the caressing of Bond's legs to the conversation with agent M in the MI6 holding cell Silva is a creepy ad frightening figure. This was probably Craig's most heartfelt and charismatic performance as Bond up to date. You see a side of him you hadn't before. You see his child hood home and you see him fight for M and Cancade. He doesn't have Oscar chops but keep it up mister Craig and you may evolve into the best bond ever. To finish off I would like to say that this film was probably one of the most thrilling movies to come from across the pond in almost 10 years. Thank You Sam Mendes.

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