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The 5th Wave

'Wave' of Boredom
Snoogans - wrote on 01/23/16

'The 5th Wave' is an amalgamation of all the recent young teen-centric dystopian/action/sci-fi/romance book-turned-movie releases. Take every single trope from every single one of those movies, slap them together, and you have this lame effort. The first act was surprisingly not bad. I liked the global disaster approach of the first three "waves". The aliens (who we never see in their true form) seemed methodical and the catastrophic events were about as harsh as PG-13 gets. Then the rest of the movie just fell entirely flat. The main girl becomes a capable survivalist instantly, cause the plot requires it. She develops a forced romance between two dudes, both of which have no defining qualities outside of poor decision making. The alien's scheme for their "5th" wave is unnecessary and dumb. There are three big reveals that literally anyone could guess before their setups are even shown. A half hour in and I already knew exactly how the rest of the movie would play out. It grew more boring over time. Add to that a lack of resolution (for sequel purposes), and you have a trite wannabe of past successes that does little good.

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