Snoogans's Movie Review of Hot Tub Time Machine 2

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Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Yet Another Disappointing Comedy Sequel
Snoogans - wrote on 07/16/15

'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' can take it's place among other comedy sequels that didn't try hard and failed harder in the process. The previous 'Hot Tub' was a surprisingly hilarious and fun movie. Nothing about it really warranted a sequel, but there's always possibilities with time travel premises. The time travel is actually the one factor I don't have a problem with. Everything else is bland and lazy. The characters feel as if they've regressed since the experience of the first movie. Their strengthened friendship from before is nonexistent here. Selfish immaturity plays out in a series of tired crass dialogues and sophomoric/homophobic situations. Gross sexual references are thrown around to little comedic effect. Even the bit of funny insult humor from the first film is way overdone here. It's all one big juvenile mess. A few clever self-referential jabs exist, but they are few and far between. The only time I laughed out loud was at the montage scene that happens during the beginning of the credits, in which the four guys live through historic moments. It was all too little, too late. You can tell this whole movie was just thrown together with no care and that's what makes it most disappointing.

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