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Godzilla (2014)

The King of Monsters Reigns Supreme
Snoogans - wrote on 05/21/14

This newest form of the long standing movie titan Godzilla is sure to please everyone. Let me just skip to the best parts. Godzilla has never looked better! The CGI is impeccably awesome, detailing every last bit of the enormous lizard in full realization. Enormous is the correct term to use. The 'wow' factor is through the roof! This film demonstrates how to perfectly showcase the massive size of the creatures on screen. Yes, creatures, as in multiple. Without giving much away, I will say that there is a multi-monster fight. One that will have everybody cheering. I got a satisfying jolt of glee out of the brawling I witnessed. There is much awe and wonder to be had. The monsters are built up perfectly over the running time. More is revealed of their look and origin through each act. There's a compelling nature to these creatures in figuring out what they are made of and how they can be stopped. We are with the scientist characters every step as they try to solve this huge problem. The part that is not so compelling lies with the other main human characters. We follow Johnson's character as he struggles to help save the day and reunite with his wife and kid. These few characters don't generate hardly any dramatic weight, simply because they are underwritten and follow the usual disaster movie cliches. I was let down by this aspect. A few times the action with the monsters would suddenly cut away to this much less compelling human element and I'd lose some of the excitement I was just feeling. Also, the teasing of Godzilla becomes kind of annoying through most the first two acts. We are promised a first match-up in the middle of the film, only to be taken out of the situation entirely right when the action is about to start. Not cool. Despite these two instances of annoyance, the elongated final battle does satisfy beyond expectations. It's a rollicking great time at the theater!

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