Snoogans's Movie Review of Before Midnight (2013)

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Before Midnight (2013)

Dramatic Conclusion (?)
Snoogans - wrote on 08/04/13

If you've seen the previous films (Before Sunrise/Sunset), then you know what to expect from 'Before Midnight'. It's been a pleasure to watch the romantic relationship between these two characters evolve over the course of all three films. Here it seems the most change has happened in the lives of our now 'domestic-partnership' couple, as they've become parents. Things start off light with some great intellectual dialogue scenes between others and themselves, that span a large variety of subject matter, but the conversations are best in the latter half, when it basically becomes an elongated and heated argument of marital problems. This could've been contrived, or even annoying, but I was in full investment because of the realism and having watched them grow closer with each film. The situation is the most dramatic of the series and it leads to a believable and satifying ending. 'Before Midnight' might just be my favorite of the three. I'd hope to see another sequel. If not, I would consider this a good conclusion.

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