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X-Men: First Class

memento_mori - wrote on 09/07/13

In a depiction of exactly everything I wanted to see, X-Men: First Class remarkably succeeds in just about combining everything that was good about the last few films.

I especially like the way the film opened. A great throwback to the original X-Men movie, and I finally got the much-awaited continuation of that scene.

Michael Fassbender definitely steals the show. Every line he delivered, no matter in what language, was awe-inspiring. One of my favorite scenes was the confrontation in the bar in Argentina.
The script is full of excellent dialogue and ties in very nicely with past Marvel universe events and real-life political crises, while all the while persisting an interesting tone.
His counterpart James McAvoy played a convincing Charles Xavier. I adored the one-liners and references to the future X-Men films.

I love how it tied all loose ends together, and made them better. I don't know how, but everything we learned was going to happen felt original and fresh. It added a lot to the X-Men saga and overall character disputes.
Plus, in what other Marvel movie do you see them stand off for half an hour in the end (Except for The Avengers)?
I have no problem whatsoever with X-Men: First Class and think it is the best of all Marvel films.

To me, this is the quintessential Marvel movie. Everything I want to see: Blockbuster action and fun, witty lines, great direction, a fair amount of dark undertones and all combined with perfect length into one fantastic compilation of X-Men.
DC, here's an example for you. Stop making either good or bad movies and start making movies that mix a bit of both: Marvel.

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