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2 Guns

Nothing to tell.
memento_mori - wrote on 08/30/13

2 Guns: the generic action movie you've been waiting for.
There's not much to tell.
The way the film is structured is really obvious. They were going for the generic action movie formula, but added a lot of plot twists in it, so it would seem smart. No, it was just confusing who was good or bad, and that set the characters a step back.

What upsets me is that the only guys that are putting any work into the movie are Denzel and Marky Mark. Their chemistry is excellent, because they are two top-billed actors who know how to make it work, even when they have to juggle back and forth this recycled dialogue.
Bill Paxton… When I exited the movie, I remembered: Oh yeah, Bill Paxton was in this movie. That's how forgettable he is.
The direction by a man who's name I cannot pronounce is decent. At least he has some kind of understanding of how to hold the camera still while filming an action scene. It had some good shots, but there honestly wasn't a lot to praise when the story was so clichéd.

The movie did have a nice tone. What action movies nowadays tend to do is start out promising, then introduce a character twist and suddenly the movie is juggling genres.
This film maintained a tone where Washington and Wahlberg were the central characters, and even after the twist, their relationship on screen was impressive.

I'm not going to give this a terrible rating, because it was just what I expected, and honestly, what were you expecting? I wasn't expecting Heat 2, and neither should you, because it's a simple action movie with some good acting.
I watched this on a Friday afternoon, and that was the perfect setting. Watch an action movie on a Friday afternoon and you'll be satisfied. I left feeling the way I went in, but entertained.

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