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Jackie Brown

Tarantino's worst.
memento_mori - wrote on 08/24/13

If you ever ask me what my least favorite Tarantino film is, my answer would have to be Jackie Brown. While still an interesting film, I find it to be the least enjoyable, because it doesn't have the same flair that his other features do.

There are of course good things about Jackie Brown (hence the 3/4 rating). I like the music, direction, dialogue and the always enjoyable pop culture references. It has the same things that make Tarantino known to be Tarantino.
But from the start, I felt that it was missing something. A lot, actually.
It's the first Tarantino movie that I can say after watching: that was boring.
They make out the characters to be extremely smart and everyone has a plan in mind around every corner. While the premise is smart and their intentions are menacing, it feels like this movie is just a whole lot of waiting in a restaurant. The atmosphere is there, but you aren't being served food and no one is there to keep you company.
Robert De Niro is in this film, and his character wasn't even interesting. How could that happen?! First of all, it's De Niro, second of all it's a Tarantino movie.
The characters just feel like empty vessels with big brains.

This movie is like a ten-second summary of Tarantino dragged into a two-hour movie. It just has all the good parts that make me love this creative director, but the film ultimately fails to encompass anything below the surface. It's too smart for its own good, the character interactions are wooden and the story escalated like a broken escalator.

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