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If music were a painting, it would be Fantasia.
memento_mori - wrote on 07/30/13

After re-watching it tonight, I remembered why Fantasia was my favorite animated movie of all time, for a number of reasons. It is as much creative as it is difficult to understand, but after a while you stop trying to understand it and understand it for what it really is: an absolute work of masterful art.

With no dialogue and minimally detailed story lines, Fantasia still manages to captivate its viewer and offers a broad spectrum of amazing animation, synchronized with world-famous classical pieces.
This has got to be one of the most beautiful films ever made, because it just has so much that can be described as beautiful. I watched this many times as a child and I loved it, and my parents and family friends watched it as well many times and loved, which goes to prove that it's a film for everyone.
I also love the fact that it holds up today. The animation truly is revolutionary and timeless, just a marvel to look at. I never knew something as simple as a colored motion drawing of a wave or a sunset could move me and astound me in such different ways.
The music is so well synchronized with the moving images. When the music is still, the canvas is still, when the music is roaring, the characters and atmosphere are roaring.
My favorite sequence by far would have to be the creation and evolution of earth. Every single note was spot-on and every timely event had some kind of relation to the music.

It practically redefines music. There is a sequence between the skits where the character 'sound' is introduced. He is told to play us all kinds of instruments, as we watch his swings alter and change with the tone and pace of the instrument. That is just brilliant. Who doesn't want to know what music looks like? Who doesn't want to know what a sound feels like? This movie gives it to you.
It's just so well made. I don't know how to describe it.

Fantasia is a movie that to me is difficult to view as a movie. It is also difficult to be interpreted, and understood. But there's one thing that it damn well let's you understand: that it is a timeless classic.
If I ever have children, this well be the first animated movie I will show them.

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