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memento_mori - wrote on 07/12/13

I remember the very first time I watched The Matrix. I was twelve. I was bored and it was mid-July at my grandmother's house with nothing to do. I drove into town and the minute I entered the shop, this DVD cover basically reached out to me. It had an aura. It was called The Matrix.
I took it home.
And I watched it.
Eight. Times. In. A. Row.

The Matrix is one of my all-time favorite movies because it does for me what other movies could not even come close to doing. It had perfectly-choreographed (and might I say badass) action, great direction and cinematography, a wonderful premise and fantastically original script; but all this didn't matter to me at the time as much, because because then it was just pure fun.
This is one of the most original movies ever made, not only because of its premise, but because it aspired to so much more when it could have been another bland sci-fi action movie. I hate those kinds of movies. But this movie hit every single note and when it was over, I wanted to watch it again. So I did. I had never done that before. Over the course of four days I watched it eight times and never grew tired of it, because the Wachowski Brothers (Whoops, I mean, they're just the Wachowskis now) knew how to create a feeling of ultimatum. I love the directorial style and the green tone throughout the film. A feeling of fun without making it seem over-the-top or pretentious. It was just FUN.

What some may call the 'weak points' of this movie (the acting and the line delivery), I refer to as perks. I love it when I can quote an action movie, and of course the acting from Keanu Reeves and some of the lines in this movie are so down-right cheesy, they just fit the tone.

Some classics include: 'Listen to me, Coppertop. I don't have time for 20 Questions right now, there's only one rule: Our way, or the highway.' and 'Not like this. Not like this.'

With game-changing visual effects for its time (that still hold up), some of the most well-choreographed action and out-of-this-world dialogue and line delivery, this movie is for me defines the word Fun. The only sci-fi/action movie I could really enjoy without rolling my eyes or not enjoying a single moment.

Another modern classic that reminds me why I love movies.

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