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The Matrix Reloaded

Put in the DVD player and press rewind
lmlewis517 - wrote on 06/22/08

After I saw this movie for the first time, I knew I was going to go home, wait for it to come out on DVD, then push "pause" and "play" a billion times. I didn't care about ruining the tape because I knew that the DVD pack would soon be coming out, which I planned to buy after seeing the final clips of #3. So, "What is the Matrix"? It's a conundrum of things. Notably, the Matrix thrills you with excitement and the typical "smash-bang" philosophy, then... there's the Architect. I had to put this guy on rewind quite a few times. But after the fourth time or so, I began to understand... there's more to the Matrix than meets the eye. Although the first time I found it a bit hard to keep up with the Architect, once I brought the DVD home, I was able to sit down and find out things about Zion, Neo, and the whole concept of the Matrix. Thanks to my Mathematics background from college, I was able to deduct why everything in the Matrix 1 happened, what's going on in Matrix 2, and what to expect out of Matrix 3 (or at least guess what would happen). This is a deep film, not for the weak of heart or mind for that matter (no disrespect to anyone). But, it will take some pondering to figure out this movie. Good luck and thank you Wachowski brothers for being different!

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