Ryan Stephen M's Movie Review of Inception

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#13 on my Top Movie List
Ryan Stephen M - wrote on 06/29/13

Ok, here goes my review for Inception. It's a complicated, complicated movie but i will go over the plot and why i think it's so good. Christopher Nolan directed it and the guy just does not seem to make a bad movie. It's just hit after hit. Here we have Dom Cobb, played by Leonardo DiCaprio as the main character. He practices a type of crime called extraction, which is going inside someone's mind and stealing information or secrets. He doesn't do this alone, he has a team which includes characters played by Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Their jobs are even more complicated then it might seem because they want to get in and out of the persons mind without the person noticing that they were there. Also, there is a complication of something from Dom's past, about his ex-wife, who has died, that looms over the atmosphere and that Dom doesn't want to talk about. Her death leads to legal problems for Dom that results in him not being able to enter the United States and see his children. He is promised the chance to return to the US if he and his team can pull off one final job, but not of extraction, of inception. They have to plant an idea in someone's head, and make them think it is their own idea. If the team can pull off this extremely difficult task, he will have his life back. Can they do it? Watch and find out.

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