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Sleuth (2007)

The Game Has Just Begun.
LeopardExplosion - wrote on 08/23/08

15 minutes into the film Sleuth, I had began to admire the style of camerawork, and all the angles it had taken. It seemed like my thing. Later after I realized what the movie was turning into, and it was ruined. Not exactly all bad, I actually liked alot of it, pretty much 40 minutes of the 90 minutes it ran in lengthtime. After that, it all went downhill, the characters had gained wicked minds, and went from sane, to nuts.

When a movie escalates from a meet up between two men, to a cat and mouse game full of eccentric and insane imaginations, that seems to leave a blank in my head. Over all this movie was decent, but not what i thought it would turn out to be. By the end of the movie the games they played started to become boring and repetive, and ended pretty bad too. For an 85 minute long movie, 70 minutes in I was wondering where it was going, at it hit the dead end.

If your curious watch it, If you want the original Sleuth from 72' watch that.

FINAL SCORE :::: 54% ::::

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