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Ang Lee's Psychological Hulk
Alice C 92 - wrote on 11/24/12

Ang Lee's Hulk is by far the best Hulk movie made in the last couple of years. Even though this movie has been extensively attacked by the critics I personally think it reflects the real nature of the Hulk. Eric Bana gives a dorky portrayal of Prof. Banner differently from both Buffalo and Norton that gave away the "cool macho" vibe. Bana's portrayal was more focused on the struggle between the two different personalities and especially about the traumatic experience that he had as a child. The audience is growing with him, trying to understand what really happened and therefore Bana is making us part of this process.
When it comes to the movie's style, Lee often used a collage sequence when two characters where interacting instead of using the usual cross-cutting, the outcome is genius and goes back to the idea of comic book praising its visual style.
If I can give an advice to the readers I would suggest to watch this movie again with a more analytical approach!!

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