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Cedar Rapids

Most Underrated Comedy (2000-2012)
FSUNoles27TS - wrote on 11/27/12

As you read this, keep in mind, I am a salesman, which does make me more inclined to appreciate this movie, maybe more than someone who has never been to a sales-conference. With that said;
This movie is in my top-10 for underrated movies of the last few years. Sneaking under the limelight this movie didn't get much attention from the general movie public.
Ed Helm's provides his best work in this film as a very likeable but aloof salesperson attending his first conference. Sales conferences in real life are like high-school socials with different clicks and groups of friends. This movie portrays that perfectly. Every character, setting, and story is very believable and realistic in a sales-conference setting. The director did a good job of not forcing you to like and root for Ed Helm's character, the movie draws you to be completely engulfed in his laughable character as he experiences his first sales conference like a freshman experiencing his first high-school dance.
This a must-see for all salesmen, comedy and indie film lovers, and in my opinion everyone in between.

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