PandaMonium's Movie Review of Halloween (1978)

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Halloween (1978)

Simple But Intense
PandaMonium - wrote on 10/30/12

HALLOWEEN is a classic and with good reason - it completely changed the face of the genre upon its release and set us up for a parade of copycats that continues to this day. It's a film that understands the subtleties of lighting, the effect of music, and the terror of a methodical, unreasoning killer, and the result is terror that remains potent to this day. Perhaps some of the performances are a little wooden and the outdoor scenes look very much like sunny California covered in fake autumn leaves, but those are just side-effects of the microscopic budget HALLOWEEN was made on. What's truly impressive is that, with just over $300 000, director John Carpenter managed to create a surprisingly simple but ruthlessly effective nightmare that continues to terrify more than thirty years later.

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