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A Truly Gifted Film
X-MenTrulyGifted - wrote on 08/17/12

This film is developed on action portrayed as skill and craft. Differences are also important, because the differences in this film are based on the obvious differences in the characters. There are clear conflicts within characters, within groups and between groups. It doesn't make itself obvious, however, this film is surprisingly clever. The skill and craft comes through as interactions and expressions that are powerful within themselves, but the dialogue still shines with humour and keen intellect. The characters are colourful, with the irony of the black and white circulating around. It certainly blurs between the emphasis of both groups and it is difficult to understand who is right. As there is a variety of characters, there is always a particular one who stands out, mine being Wolverine - his attractiveness is strong despite his gruff, straightforward personality which is often pointed out through his body language, his ability being one of my favourites, but I can point out his understanding of human emotion at certain points of the film. The characters, the interactions, the unfailing powerful expressions, the humour - the multiple aspects that create this film can help me to assume the true gift and real power that it has - the struggle of people who are different hiding and fighting at the same time.

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