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The Other Woman (2014)

Leslie Mann is hilarious!!!
Lee - wrote on 07/05/14

Reading through the reviews for The Other Woman I'm garnering that the consensus is that a lot of people disliked this film? Me myself I found it enjoyable especially any scene with Leslie Mann as I find her incredibly funny in pretty much anything I have seen her in with the exception of 2012's This Is 40. Leslie plays Kate King a woman who finds out her husband Mark ( played by Game Of Thrones Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ) has been screwing around with not only one but two other women lawyer Carly Whitten ( Cameron Diaz) and young and incredibly beautiful Amber ( Kate Upton) in great sociopathic style Kate forces her friendship on Carly and Ambet but when the trio become tight...look out Mark as we all find out that Karma is a bitch and what comes around goes around.

A good date night movie that just might make you laugh...who knows?

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