Lee's Movie Review of Daredevil

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Farrell as Bullseye saves the day
Lee - wrote on 01/04/14

Although originally panned by the critics upon it's initial theatrical release director Mark Steven Johnson brings us his version of the tale of the blind lawyer turned superhero in 03's Daredevil. Wasn't a huge fan of the acting done here however I have it tagged as movies that are cool to watch on a crappy weather day so to speak.

I simply loved Colin Farrell (One of the more cooler actors on the planet) as chief Daredevil antagonist Bullseye especially the one scene where Bullseye is sitting at Kingpin's desk where when Kingpin returns to his office and asks him how he got past his security...Bullseye exclaims "What do you mean? That guy?" He points to the floor where the body of a security guard now lays with 3-4 pencils sticking out of his throat. Kingpin asks " Was that necessary ?" As to which Bullseye returns with "; Necessary? No...but it was fun"

The acting between Jenifer Garner and Ben Affleck is a joke however Colin Farrell makes this so so adaptation worth while.

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