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Spring Breakers

Yes, Selena Gomez sent me here.....
Lee - wrote on 06/27/13

Ok this is a prime example on why trailers are so misleading (Sometimes I think movie companies are in the same group as ...lawyers) I for one wanted to see how both Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens would break their Disney ankle ball and chains in a 'R' rated film. I will admit that Gomez did a pretty good job when it comes down to making this film's audience feel her pain as she gets scared silly of what James Franco's character and his entourage might want from her and her spring breaking pals. That being said the movie fails in so many areas I don't have the time to jot them all down...

What I cannot believe is how many of you out there actually enjoyed this??? Franco was purely laughable as the grilled teeth wearing drug dealer named Alien (???) especially his piano version of Britney Spears's 'Every time' whilst joined by two of the spring breaking pals doting guns and pink balaclavas. Unbelievably terrible ending....need I go on???

I'm sorry to all who enjoyed this...me myself i'm either getting old or just didn't get it at all???

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