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Grandma's Boy (2006)

A surprisingly funny flick!
Lee - wrote on 04/23/13

Even though I love movies from Adam Sandler's movie company Happy Madison Productions I was leery on first seeing this and was then presently surprised on how freakin' funny it was! This movie co stars all Sandler's buddies in life and damn that would be a pack I would love to hang with myself. Allen Covert is the main character here Alex who after learning his roommate spent all their rent money on Filipino hookers he has no choice but to move in with his lovable Granny Lily (Doris Roberts, people might remember her best for playing Ray Romano's mother in Everyone Loves Raymond) He tells all his co-workers at Brainasium (A place where employees create video games) he has 3 hot female roommates when in fact it is his grandma and her two senior friends (Shirley Jones from Tv's Partridge Family is the one of em and very highly sexed up think of Rose from The Golden Girls)

Doing daily chores for them wares Alex out as to which he tells his fellow employees that it is in fact the 3 babes he lives with keeping him up all night with their constant sex demands. Priceless look on the coworkers faces when the 3 elderly ladies bring Alex some lunch to his work.

This is one funny movie with kudos going to the character and Alex's drug dealer pal Dante (Another Sandler pal and very funny Peter Dante) every time Dante has a scene on the screen it cracked me up and still does after seeing this flick like 100 times in the past. Also look for super nerd and video game genius J.P. ( Played by Joel Moore) whose complete weirdness is a crack up alone.

If you are looking for a funny movie and may have missed this then by all means get yourself a copy!

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