Lee's Movie Review of Parker

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Not a bad lil' time waster
Lee - wrote on 04/13/13

I usually make a point of seeing anything Jason Statham is in as he is my new fave action star. Although resembling the '99 flick starring Mel Gibson, Payback in storyline this movie was in my opinion a good way to spend 118 mins. Statham plays the title character Parker, a thief who lives by the code of never stealing money from people who need it, a thief with a conscience so to speak. At the request of his mentor Hurley (Nick Nolte) he takes on a job with a crew of 5 men (Including himself) he doesn't know Melander (Michael Chiklis) , Carlson (Wendell Pierce), Ross (Clifton Collins Jr.) and Hardwicke (Michah Hauptman). The job is successful but in the getaway car the other men ask Parker if he wants to take part in another upcoming heist as to which he says no. This angers Melander and he has Hardwicke take him out of the car to kill him. Hardwicke shoots him leaving Parker for dead.

Well that would be quite the quick movie if ended there now wouldn't it? Of coarse Parker survives and he spends the rest of the film under the guise of a wealthy Texas tycoon with Floridian real estate agent who is one step away from bankruptcy Leslie (Jennifer Lopez) tracking down the men who did him wrong.

The chemistry between Lopez and Statham is strong and this is not a bad lil eye for an eye type film.

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