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Hellraiser II: Hellbound

Not as good as the original
Lee - wrote on 03/11/13

No where near as good as the original however doesn't thwart me from watching the rest in this 'different' franchise. For reasons unknown 'Hellraiser' director and creator Clive Burton handed over the directing reigns to his film editor on the first film Tony Randall . Tis' probably why this one was a hell of alot darker in content nor as good. Storyline here is Julia Cotton , daughter of now deceased Larry Cotton and only survivor of the Hellraiser 1 has been brought to an mental hospital forced to be there after everyone who heard her story of the events surrounding part 1 in the series simply deemed her as insane. Their is one doctor however Dr. Phillip Channard (Kenneth Cranham) who believes everyword of her story only doesnt let her know this as he has been on his own heavy studies of the magic box himself and is intent on reviving Julia Cotton as he has in his possession her death mattress with blood and chains still intact.

Also in his possession are not one but three magic boxes he has collected on his travels throughout the world. The only thing is he hasn't a clue on how to open them not to worry however as one of his mental patients Tiffany a girl brought to the asylum years ago with no clue on her family or name (Tiffany was given to her by the staff at the institute) who has a gift of solving puzzles as this is all she seems to do 24/7. Dr. Channard will use her as well to open up the secret dimension to his horrific desires. With Julia Cotton be able to stop the evil Dr. and save Tiffany's soul all along facing the evil Cenobites that seem to inhabit these magical boxes.

Like i said not as good as it's predecessor however the story in my opinion remains intriguing.

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