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Silent Rage

Norris's finest hour in my opinion
Lee - wrote on 03/09/13

One of Chuck's best in my opinion as cheesy b rated as that may be it still ranks as one of his best! Rewatched this weekend as i dipped into my old cardboard box full of vhs tapes (Yes this winter needs to end already!!) and said wow! Haven't seen this in awhile.. Silent Rage is director Michael Miller's second big screen directorial for those keeping score he also brought us the unfunny National Lampoon's Class Reunion. Redeems himself somewhat (depending what your in too) here as the synpnosis plays out as such; Recently outed mental patient John Kirby completly loses it and kills two people he is rooming with. He is stopped immediatly after the onslaught by county sheriff Dan Stevens (Chuck Norris) stevens outs 3 bullets and a shotgun blast into him he is down for the count...but still living

Kirby is then brought to the local institute where alongside his psychiatrist Tom Halman is feverishly worked on by two other doctors Spires and Vaughn both of them are also medical engineers. After finally calling it quits and omitting the time of death on Kirby Dr. Vaughn wants to administer a syrum that they have been working on that has not yet been medically cleared. Hell he's dead why not. Halman says absolutly not however as soon as he has left the room they go ahead and give Kirby the juice anyways. Unbelivably Kirby's corpse responds to the syrum with life signs. Both doctors are not aware of the syrum's power as Kirby completly heals...now superhuman with super healing powers he is on the loose again and it's up to Sheriff Stevens to stop him!

A good 'b' film and a must see for those fans of Chuck's. If not Chuck Norris will kick off your head!!

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