Lee's Movie Review of Airplane!

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Loved both Neilson and Bridges in this film..
Lee - wrote on 03/04/13

Re-watched this weekend. Every few years this spoof movie somehow slips it's way back into my thought pattern (As scary as that may be) This being the case this weekend threw it in the dvd player for another viewing. Airplane! is one of those comedy films that is funniest when you watch it intially the first time. Any other watches drain it of it's comedic value. However that being said i still laughed out loud many times expecially at the parts of my favorite charector in the film Steve Mc Croskey (Lloyd Bridges) whose many quotes of (Look's like i picked the wrong time to....) still reign supreme. Also killer in his role in this classic is Dr. Barry Rumack (Leslie Nielson) whose classic poker faces whilst delivering funny lines (Something he carried on to his role as Lt. Frank Drebin in the Naked Gun films) Although not as funny as the first time round as i previously mentioned i still enjoyed it.

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