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In Bruges

Good effort from Farrell
Lee - wrote on 01/19/13

Before i watch Seven Psychopaths a film i wanted to see as well as being my first of english director Martin McDonagh's I was told to watch 'In Bruges' first as to which i did and was pleasantly surprised it was a pretty good dark comedy with some dramatic flares to it. Great casting that stars Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes. Farrell portrays Ray a newbie hitman who is wracked with guilt over botching up his first hit and killing a young boy. Along with best buddy also a hitman Brendan Gleeson (Ken) relocates to Bruges, Denmark due to orders to lay low from crime boss Harry Waters(Ralph Fiennes). Upon arriving at the historical city It's not long before Ray falls in love with a Belgium actress who is in town shooting a film that stars an american dwarf named Jimmy.

New orders from boss Water's arrive throwing everything array as all chaos ensues. Not a bad time waster as far as i was concerned however i have seen better. Great performances from Gleeson and Farrell.

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