Lee's Movie Review of The Hangover Part II

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The Hangover Part II

No where near the greatness of the original!
Lee - wrote on 10/01/12

Ok this is actually one time i should've listened to all the bad reviews as they were 100% bang on! I realized upon originally seeing this that it was the sequel and some of the orginal laughs would be more then likely used again...ummm? not all of them!! My god! It's like they took the first instalment and just added new paint and then just moved the whole same story to an exotic locale to get people's butts in the seats. Hangover 1 was hilarious to put it short so that alone will make the filmmakers a few bucks as all the fans from the first one , much like myself, will be wanting to see this as well although i highly doubt their will be a part 3 and if they do it will probably end up heading straight to dvd. To give the devil his due this movie does a have a few chuckles within as we see our favorite dentist Stu (Ed Helms) is the one getting hitched up this time round with his fiancee's family residing in Thailand.

Due to the horrors that occured during buddy Doug's (Justin Bartha) bachelor party, Ed has decided he wants things for his turn to be nice and quiet, therefore not inviting any of buds from the original. Upon hearing this, Phil (Bradley Cooper) guilts him in to inviting his crew alongside the wacky Alan (Played with greatness by Zack Galifinakis) They all arrive in the foreign country and sitting on the hot breezy beach that night thinks that things are gonna be different this time.....yeah right!? We wouldn't have a film here if that was true, Flash to the next morning and all the men are once again waking up with big throbbing heads along with puffy red eyes, all looking at each other sharing the mutual though of 'not again!!??'

My biggest problem as i mentioned earlier within this review was that there are no new ideas or occurances here. There are a few laughs present but no where near the side splitting laughter i omiited during the first Hangover so if you are a fan of the original and haven't eyt seen this then you have been warned!

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