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The Cat in the Hat

One of my fave's of the kid's collection!
Lee - wrote on 09/11/12

One children's movie that i simply adore, no matter how many times i view this film i always find myself at times laughing louder then my kids! Being a fan of Mike Myers (Who is also a fellow Canadian) i'm sure helped in providing the enjoyment i received. Now looking back at all the bad reviews this film has taken yet alot of the same reviwers found Martin Scorcese's Hugo more enjoyable (A film i hated and was bored silly with start to finish) So i guess it's all a matter of personal preference. Sure this film is wacky and quite unbelievable at times however i wonder if the people who found this film that way and complained about it as such have ever actually read any of Suess's bibliography? His books were weird, wacky and literally made no sense but that's what we or I enjoyed about them and still do when they are picked by my children for their bedtime read.

This film brings Suess's loud incredible world to life in my view. From the wild and craziness of Thing #1 and Thing #2 to the 'Mother Of All Messes' let's just say this reviewer found the CGI to be oustanding in what i would believe would be a hard to make book adaptation. I have also read that alot of people's major problem with this film was that it took major liberties in its onscreen version however tell me one book adaptation that hasn't it's the main reason you read upon the opening credits that it's 'based upon' the book not word for word. This is director Bo Welch's vision not Theodore Suess's.

The cast was great, i love Alec Baldwin in anything he does not only his serious side but his comedic side as well. let's just say i find immensly multi talented and who plays mom's Joan Walden (Kelly Preston) obnoxious boyfreind/next door neighbor Larry Quinn to a tee. Mike Myers much like Jim Carrey has a direct line to my funnybone and cannot fatho yet understand why they both recieve so much flack?

Take this film for what is folks crazy laugh out loud eye candy at least that's how 'The Cat In The Hat' end result is in our home!

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