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Chronicle (2012)

Was happily surprised
Lee - wrote on 08/07/12

When i saw the original trailer for this film i thought the concept looked cool enough. You have three highschool kids who accidentally stumble upon a meteroite of some form. Cool as that is it gets much cooler as they all discover they now possess super powers mostly of the telekinetic variety. So i threw my money down and purchased the dvd upon its release and damn!!!! What i did not expect to get in return was one hell of a movie! Definatly without a shadow of a doubt one of the best movies i have seen in 2012 so far! Loved the storyline, loved the relative cast of unknowns, also loved as its filmed 'Blair Witch' style without the vomit inducing shakiness which after reading alot of reviews for this film seems to be a problem...I think it added the reality to it!!

Upon it's theatrical run i didnt get to see it as it slipped under my radar however let me tall you do not miss this one now it's on dvd you wont be dissapointed!

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