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Smiley Face

Entirely forgettable.
caitiethegreatie - wrote on 04/28/08

So I feel like I have to admit from the start that I only watched this film for two reasons: 1. I have Netflix and it was available to watch instantly online. 2. I have a huge celebrity crush on John Krasinski and was eager to see him in something other than The Office.

The movie begins with Scary Move's Anna Faris, a struggling actress and toker extraordinaire, awaking to find her somewhat creepy and nerdy roommate (played by That 70's Show's Danny Masterson) has left some tempting cupcakes in the fridge, strictly off-limits to the munchy craving Faris. After gobbling down her discovery, she soon realizes these weren't just ordinary cupcakes. And oh no! She has to go to an audition, manage to drop off the electricity bill, and bake a new batch of special cupcakes! How will she do it? Will hilarity ensue?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. When the brightest point of a movie is Adam Brodie's cameo as an intellectual weed dealer, there's truly no hope for humor. Most disappointing to me was the lackluster, completely bland performance of John Krasinski as a lovesick nerd entranced by Faris's hapless character.

The movie aims to recreate the fun of stoned hijncks nailed by movies like Harold and Kumar. Unfortunately, the sheer silliness of Faris's character, the lack of originality and life in the script, and the completely nonsensical plot that wouldn't make sense even to the most baked of individuals causes the movie to fall flat on its face.

Trust me, there are far better stoner movies with far more lovable characters than those Smiley Face has to offer.

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