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The Giver

Boring illogical and just not good
smeagol - wrote on 10/18/14

Much in the same vain as divergent and a host of other movies. this movie is set in a world where people live without certain feelings and enjoy a sameness lifestyle if they take their daily injections.
for some odd reason the elders choose to give someone the gift of memories and makes him a reciever.
for which he see's things he has never known war death love kissing fear etc. he soon realizes they are all missing out and sets out to restore their humanity.
this was a very boring movie nothing really happened. then it ended., none of them seem to feel love etc but yet they play games and so on it makes no sence and is tottally illogical. the ending was so easy so simple and so pointless. the scenes looked tacky it just isnt a good movie at all. the only thing good was the scenes of lus humans and our lives briefly shown that was nice but the concept has been done many times before and so much better.
my verdict ths isn't worth watching at all. though nice to see alexander skarsgard from true blood in it i only wish it was a better part for him as he was wasted in this movie. all the actors were

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