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All is Lost

impressive art but a touch souless
smeagol - wrote on 02/13/14

a disaster movie with just one man and a boat. no other actors or speaking., as a work of art its really good. and really well made. it works. but as a form of entertainment. i would of liked some dialogue even its just the guy swearing from time to time. anybody in real life on their own in that circumstance would of said something even if it was just jesus now what etc etc. yet nothing is really spoken, which makes it kind of souless.
redford is good but he doesn't bring the real human element to the film as you would expect. the anguish and pain he instead just seems very comfortable with his boat in ruins and storms and his life in the balance . far too comfortable.
but as a work of art which it is. then its great but from a enjoyable point of view i personally would prefer to watch other films even the not so good ones,

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Chris Kavan - wrote on 02/17/14 at 08:58 AM CT

All is Lost Review comment

I pretty much felt the same way - Redford gave it his all but I had trouble caring about it because you just don't get to know the man on a personal level. Artistically great - emotionally empty - that's my take.

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