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The Counselor

great cast but it leaves you empty
smeagol - wrote on 02/01/14

Great cast, about a guy who gets mixed up in the cartel. The film is very talky yet its hard to know what really going on a lot of the time, the dialogue is full of almost poetic wise words. with long passages of pointlessness its like the writer wrote the best wise words he could but then made the mistake of using them for most of the characters. The lead up to the end is weak , so much is said in this movie yet so much is unexplained and feels empty. then it just ends . Leaving you thinking wow that turned out depressing. it offers no hope no revenge no follow up no redemption no nothing except bleak reality. which would be fine and a different ending to most films if it was not for the fact that the movie had very little middle story or action. it was in short too empty to just end that way.
bleak endings and cold reality are great for films but it only works when your rooting for the charcters or understand them or care enough about them. so much was said but so little explained and done.
great cast though and cameron diaz was good in a very different role for her.. it could be rated good as a work of art, but other films have done this better being both works of art and entertaining. this one only had the former./ and even then that would be generous..

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