Zeljka's Movie Review of Sanctum

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Not really gorgeous but not so bad either
Zeljka - wrote on 05/08/12

While I wouldn't say the movie was "mind-blowing" and "jaw-dropping" (except in incredulity of some stupidity seen on screen) as DVD back cover would suggest, I do not think it is so infinitesimally bad as some other reviews say. It has flaws, such as inconsistency and ridiculousness of some characters I would gladly smash with a stone myself, just to finally get rid of them, but I've seen much worse movies than this. It has solid pace, really beautiful scenery (seen it on 2D), some tense action, and at least one interesting character whom everybody should have been listening but as usually it goes nobody except the viewers was. However, some (as I've heard in my vicinity) expected a bit of hungry, fluffy and/or slimy creatures underground. Well, if that would be case with you, I must disappoint you - not a bat was seen underground, and I would be surprised if it was - I've read the synopsis on the back cover of DVD. It says nowhere that this is a horror/sf story. So why such expectations? Although, it should have been written somewhere - "leave out your brain while watching this movie so to avoid any harm". So we wouldn't overthink it but simply enjoy the watching of an unusual survival adventure movie as this was.

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