Zeljka's Movie Review of Martha Marcy May Marlene

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Martha Marcy May Marlene

Very disturbing and convincingly scary story
Zeljka - wrote on 05/02/12

Movie was impressive as it deals with issues everybody certainly has when tries to get rid of painful memories and rise above them - but these were so extreme ones, from a cult that mentally and physically abused our heroine's innocence and will to believe in goodness. She had enough common sense to realize something is terribly wrong with them, but not enough to regain trust in her family, because she constantly avoided their efforts to get close to her. Was that a shame that didn't allow her to open herself to her sister, we won't ever know for certain - what we know is that the trauma would be very hard to cure, as well as the paranoia that seems well-founded, knowing that Patrick, the cult leader, wasn't so well-meaning and well-mannered man. I had problems with accepting her refusal to cooperate with her own sister, because if you were aware of a problem, why constantly twarthing her efforts to help you and even hurting her more than necessary? As everybody has already said, the ending was ambiguous one, it annoyed me too, but somehow seemed reasonable for this story. Because, was that particular man from a cult or not, it doesn't matter, there will always be some other man at the corner to be suspicious of. The point is, she won't feel safe never again. From now on, she will always look back in fear of being followed.

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