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The Game (1997)

A Near Masterpiece
Andrew - wrote on 05/04/12

The Game is a first-rate thriller that will leave you guessing until the very end. Michael Douglas is superb in his role as investment banker Nicholas Van Orton, a role undoubtedly inspired by Douglas' Oscar winning turn as Gordon Gekko in Wall Street. In fact, the viewer can hardly conceive of another actor play the part. Sean Penn fans will be sorely disappointed as his role is quite small (but crucial) as he plays the brother (and family screwup) Conrad Van Orton. The rest of the supporting cast is filled out by several character actors, including James Rebhorn, perhaps the epitome of all character actors, the guy you know, but cannot name.

Overall, the film is very ambitious. Some of the scenes are masterpieces and David Fincher is right at home directing this paranoid film and he creates a near masterpiece as a whole. Why a near masterpiece? Well, without giving too much away, the ending is sub par. Regardless, the film is a very effective study in paranoia and voyeurism. Anyone who enjoys David Fincher's more recent films will most likely enjoy this one and as far thrillers go, this one is great, not perfect, but certainly a film that you should see.

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