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ARK=Act of Random kindness
MovieAddict - wrote on 11/24/13

Steve Carrel returns as Evan Baxter, who was in the previous film which starred Jim Carrey as Bruce Nolan in "Bruce Almighty". The former boastful news anchor Evan is the newly appointed congressman who moves to a new fancy neighborhood with his wife Joan (Lauren Graham) and their three kids. However, his budding career in politics is put on ice when he is approached by God himself (Morgan Freeman) who tells Evan to build an ark because there is an impending flood in the D.C. area. Of course, Evan refuses to believe, and goes through all sorts of trouble to understand that this is no joke, and that the vision he had was real.

Morgan Freeman is exceptional as God and John Goodman is amusing as Evan's boss, a big bad congressman cutting corners to develop precious unspoilt land. I like a good message and Evan Almighty has just enough humor and the moral lessons such as destruction of the wilderness, corruption in government, and putting your family second to your career as well as forgetting your conscience, are all handled with great finesse!

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