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Never Been Kissed

So sweet!
MovieAddict - wrote on 05/12/13

The movie stars Drew Barrymore as a 25 year old copy editor Josie Geller who longs to be a reporter. Her big break comes when the editor of her Chicago newspaper gives her an assignment - to go back to high school to dish the inside dirt on the youths of today. Josie manages to infiltrate a local high school with the help of her older brother, Rob (David Arquette) a high school drop-out who re-enrolls along with his sister in pursuit of his dream of becoming a major league baseball star.

Unfortunately whilst there Josie realizes that nothing has changed since the last time that she was in high school, when she was considered a dork and an outcast. Things get more complex when she falls in love with her English teacher (who has a beautiful girlfriend) and thinks Josie is nothing more than jail-bait.

Drew Barrymore shines as "Josie Grossie", the youthful Leelee Sobieski did a great job as a tortured brain and the good looking girls of the in-crowd include the gorgeous Jessica Alba.

The film was humorous showing the meaning of life through high school, and how hard it can be with the different cliques, and especially when you don't fit in with the popular kids. Through this film you can see how cruel teenagers can be to each other, especially the dorks /nerds or the not so popular kids.

This movie is your typical romantic comedy but it is still very cute and at the end I was in full support of Josie hoping she'd get the love she desired.

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