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Taxi (2004)

“Jesus, would she take me too????”
MovieAddict - wrote on 05/10/13

The plot centers on bumbling cop Det. Andy Washburn (Jimmy Fallon) who cannot drive competently and loses his driver's license. As a demoted patrolman he responds to a bank robbery and solicits a taxi driven by a street smart, jive-talking, Belle (played by Queen Latifah) who has recently left her old job to become a New York taxi driver, but being a speed demon she is, has her cab modified with turbo engine, as her real dream is to be a champion race car driver. Belle ends up being the only witness in the case and the only accomplice to solve the crime.

Anyways, it turns out the four bank robbers are not who they appear to be; they are actually a gang of hot Brazilian chicks who conduct their robberies with expert precision. The four gangster ladies are nice to look at and include leggy Brazilian and Victoria's Secret supermodel Gisele Bündchen as one of the robbers.

Added to this mix is Jimmy's conflicts with his boss and ex-girlfriend, Latifah's impatient boyfriend Jesse, and Fallon's alcoholic mother (Ann-Margaret) which makes for a light entertaining comedy not meant to be taken seriously.

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