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Two Weeks Notice

Cute romantic comedy!
MovieAddict - wrote on 03/22/13

Lucy (Sandra Bullock) is a Harvard graduate lawyer, who stands up for various worthy causes, such as protesting against the demolition of historically important buildings. She has stepped on so many toes that she works for a legal aid office without much luck in getting anything she wants until she confronts George Wade (Hugh Grant), the boss of Wade’s Corporation who is about to tear down her favorite community center. Wade takes a liking to her and promises he will not destroy the center but she has to take a job as his chief counsel. Lucy resists the offer at first but her parents (Dana Ivey and Robert Klein) convince her to take it with the possibility that she can do good from the inside.

After working there for over a year Lucy feels she has achieved nothing as Wade quickly comes to rely on Lucy for everything he needs, his legal affairs are just the tip of the iceberg, he calls her up in the middle of the night to ask her questions and even recruits her help with choosing his clothes. Fed up of George and his needs, she gives him two weeks’ notice. George does everything in his power to keep her from going, but later gives in to her demands to leave the business on one condition; she herself must pick out her replacement.

Luckily, Lucy finds one a woman June Carter, who like Lucy graduated from Harvard University but as time goes on, Lucy becomes a bit jealous of the time that George spends with his new counsel, and has to come to terms with something that has been growing inside of her, her feelings for George is not as platonic as she believed.

There are lots of funny and charming moments such as when Sandra tries to get fired as well as a cameo by Donald the Trump himself.

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