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John Carter

A Pleasant Surprise!
MovieAddict - wrote on 02/17/13

The movie begins in the late 1860s, at which point Virginia-born John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), is a Civil War veteran who is trying to lead a normal life. He is locked up for refusing to join the Army, but he escapes and is pursued. As he attempts to find shelter for himself and a wounded officer, Carter accidentally stumbles upon the cave of gold he was seeking.
Carter's surprise soon turns to shock when he's attacked by a mysterious robed man who appeared out of nowhere holding a medallion. When Carter touches the glowing medallion, he is transported to habitable and populated planet Mars – or, as the locals call it, Barsoom. Of course, Carter at first has no idea where he is but soon realizes that he has incredible leaping abilities due to the lower gravity of the planet.

While there, he gets caught up in a war between the Martians. Along the way, our hero falls in love with a Martian Princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins) who, in turn, is trying to save her people. Apart from being a fierce warrior, she's also a scientist who's on the verge of making a groundbreaking discovery, one that could ensure the survival of her people and the welfare of the planet. But if she's to succeed, she'll need Carter's help. Despite his reluctance to get involved and fight, Carter realizes the princess may be his only way to get home.

If you really enjoy sci-fi movies, then don't miss this one. There are several amusing sidekicks, none more memorable than the Martian equivalent of a dog Woola, which clings to Carter like a boy who found a best friend and the 'aliens' were extremely well crafted and believable.

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