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Pleasantly surprised!
MovieAddict - wrote on 10/06/12

This reboot attempts to explain the disappearance of Peter Parker's parents, his father's scientific findings and the quest to decipher Peter's past. The plot follows Peter, a 17 year old (played by Andrew Garfield) who has a terrible life. Abandoned by his parents under mysterious circumstances, Peter was raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. In high school, he grapples with finding his sense of identity and is a victim of bullies.

Peter stumbles upon his father's old briefcase filled with complex formulas that lead him to an old colleague of his father's, Dr. Curt Connors, now a top scientist at OsCorp. Connors' focus is on splicing reptile DNA and its properties with human one, which works to regenerate the human body; which he hopes will produce "a world without weakness", a personal cause to him since losing his right arm. While at OsCorp, Peter gets bitten by a radioactive Spider that gives him Spider powers.

When Uncle Ben (veteran actor Martin Sheen) is later killed by a thief Peter feels responsible. He seeks vengeance, but revenge cannot satiate the hole his uncle's death leaves. He dons a costume and becomes the vigilante Spider-Man, and while he helps stop thugs and other criminals, he unfortunately attracts the attention of Peter's high school crush/ chief intern at the Oscorp Corporation, the spunky Gwen Stacy’s father and NYPD Captain George Stacy (Dennis Leary) who vows to hunt him down. Rhys Ifans does a great tragic turn as the reluctant villain of the story, Dr. Curt Connors, whose risky scientific adventures give birth to the monstrous Lizard.

Emma looks awesome as usual and Sally Fields was believable as Aunt May, but then again it’s Sally Fields. I had issues with a few things though. The character development was rushed, Mary Jane Watson is nowhere to be seen, how did the Lizard set up a lair with computers, electricity etc. in a sewer????? The CGI on the most part was incredible but The Lizard looked laughable. However the scenes where our favorite web-slinger is swinging through New York City are breath-taking and vertigo-inducing. Andrew Garfield plays Spiderman with an easy charm, fantastic body language, lithe body and lightning quick reflexes make him truly amazing. All in all it was entertaining and worth a watch.

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Daniel Corleone - wrote on 10/07/12 at 08:09 AM CT

The Amazing Spider-Man Review comment

Andrew Garfield did bring justice and life back to Spidey. Your right about The Lizard not being menacing enough. Good point about setting the computers in the sewer, everything must be water proof hahaha.

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