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Speed (1994)

"There's a bomb on this bus!"
MovieAddict - wrote on 09/16/12

Keanu Reeves stars as the courageous Officer Jack Traven, a police officer who is caught up in a deadly game with Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper) after foiling a hostage situation involving former Atlanta cop and an elevator full of victims. Now Payne has placed a bomb on a city bus, and if the bus drops below 50mph or lets anyone off, it will explode. When one of the passengers accidentally shots the bus driver a cute passenger Annie (Sandra Bullock) who just happened to be taking the bus because her license was revoked for speeding takes over the bus.

Jack has to do his best to keep the passengers calm until the SWAT Team finds out who this mysterious mad bomber is before they run out of gas or worst, get blown away. Jeff Daniels does a terrific job as Det. Harry Temple, Alan Ruck is a hoot as the dull-witted scared passenger and Glenn Plummer is amusing as the Jaguar Owner This movie is one wild ride from the beginning till the end starting from the elevator, moving on to the bus and finally ends in a subway.

An old favorite of mine from the past so if you like your action fast and furious then you'll love. this.

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