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MovieAddict - wrote on 07/28/12

"I got the better end of the deal. I only lent you my body -- you lent me your dream."

In a not so distant future, human beings can be genetically constructed before birth with Biology giving parents the opportunity to influence the genetic code of their unborn children. People with the best predispositions of their parents are so called "Valids" while the natural born people are "In-Valids".

The movie starts out with Vincent being a god-child, de-gene-rate, or in-valid. The way the writer uses the term in-valid is very clever because the word can also be pronounced in-va-lid (which is an infirm or sickly person). By being genetically inferior, Vincent is discriminated against in the world that he lives in which prevents him from doing anything that most people would see as significant.

Vincent tries to compete with his "valid" brother Anton and one day he realizes that he can dare the impossible. He leaves his family to start a new life and to achieve his burning ambition to be an astronaut.

He soon finds there is one way for him to make his dream come true but he has to give up his identity and become Jerome Eugene Morrow, a valid who was crippled in an accident despite his exquisite gene code. He uses samples of Jerome's hair, skin, blood, urine in order to pass the gene-tests for entering the company, GATTACA. While working at GATTACA Vincent falls in love with Irene (a stunningly futuristic Uma Thurman).

With an exciting mission to one of Saturn's moons just a breath away, the director of the program is brutally murdered and an eyelash from Vincent is found at the scene of the crime. Soon a hard-nosed investigator (Alan Arkin) and his assistant (Loren Dean) are everywhere, interrogating everyone, determined to find the killer, and Vincent becomes terrified that his true identity will be revealed.

The movie flows wonderful and doesn't seem to drag by at all. I highly recommend it to any Sci Fi fan. It will make you think what if.....

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