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Leap Year (2010)

The scenery was great!
MovieAddict - wrote on 05/16/12

Anna (Amy Adams) is a Boston perfectionist who has grown inpatient waiting for her cardiologist boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) to propose to her. So when he goes to Dublin for a conference she decides to follow him there and propose to him on Leap Day February 29th in accordance with Irish tradition (this is the one day when it's OK for a woman to propose to a man). Unfortunately, travel doesn't go according to plan and she ends up at a local establishment (which serves as the town's local pub, hotel, taxi service, etc.). She convinces the sarcastic and cynical business owner Declan (Matthew Goode) to drive her to Dublin and against his better judgment he takes her up on her offer. The two of course are polar opposites (He calls her an idiot she calls him jackass) but over the course of the trip they discover that the road to love can take you to very unexpected places. You can probably guess where the film goes from there.

A pleasant and predictable romantic comedy and Irish scenery is absolutely gorgeous. Would love to go there one day!

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