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The Saint

Val Kilmer's Best Role Ever??
MovieAddict - wrote on 02/26/12

Val Kilmer plays Simon Templar aka The Saint, a guy-for-hire who steals things for the highest bidder. Simon steals a microchip from the leader of the Russian Mafia Ivan Tretiak, played by Rade Serbedzija, and is then hired by the same guy to steal the formula for a scientific experiment called Cold Fusion. Of course, the person who has the formula for Cold Fusion just happens to be a beautiful young naïve scientist, played by Elisabeth Shue. The Saint falls in love with her and for the first time becomes vulnerable placing him in a predicament of fulfilling his professional obligations or staying with the innocent young scientist. Supporting roles were terrific, especially by Valery Nikolaev as Tretiak's cold-as-ice son, a worthy adversary for our Saint who shines in this movie as a professional thief who is also a master of disguise and charmer of women. The different characters Kilmer creates while in disguise are amusing as he switches from persona to persona.

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