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Devil's Advocate (1997)

The Devil has many faces!
MovieAddict - wrote on 02/23/12

Kevin Lomax (Reeves) is a brilliant lawyer and happy husband from Florida who takes a case defending a professor accused of child molesting. At some point he realizes that his client is actually guilty but despite his hesitations, he accepts the case, and against all odds, he wins it. This immediately prompts a job offer by a big law firm in NY. As soon as he goes there with his wife Mary-Ann (Charlize Theron) he is immediately impressed and awed by his new firm, and instantly taken under the wing of seductive and charismatic head honcho John Milton. (Al Pacino)

Everything is very fascinating in the beginning, and Kevin and Mary-Ann are enjoying their newly acquired riches, while Kevin is speedily climbing the ladder of fame and success. However, he quickly realizes that things are not what they appear and soon realizes that there is a price to pay to work for Milton – his soul.

Reeves is his usual wooden self, Charlize Theron is magnificent with her portrayal of a confused and progressively destabilized Mary-Ann but it's Pacino who makes the film with his loaded, malignant expressions and a vocal characterization that is both affable and sly. His monologues towards the end, where he tells Lomax of the ongoing battle between angels and demons, good and evil, are fascinating and he uses logic rather than histrionics in an attempt to convince Lomax where his bread is best buttered. All in all this is a movie worth watching, but keep in mind that it's twisted, weird and pretty dark.

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