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Marked for Death

Marked for Death (1990)
MovieAddict - wrote on 01/19/12

Steven Seagal plays John Hatcher, a retired D.E.A. narcotics agent who tries to stay out of trouble, but trouble just seems to find him as he gets in a mess with the a group of Rasta men/ voodoo practicing Jamaican stereotypes trying to corner the dope market. Even though no one dares to get in these Drug- Pushing Scum of the Earth’s way; Hatcher accidentally does so making him and his family marked for death. Screwface retaliates by firing shots at Seagal’s family which lands his niece in the hospital.

Teaming up with an old war buddy now college football coach Keith David, (who is happy to stop the bad guys from peddling crack to high school kids as the coach has been losing football players regularly to their drugs and to top it off his 13-year-old niece died in their crack house) he shuns the efforts of the local police and decides to dish out some justice Seagal-style.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for action movies that includes Seagal slashing, kicking and breaking wrists and even though the plot is nothing different as every other film the man has made, it is still a lot of fun to watch.

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