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Suicide Club ( Jisatsu saakuru )

Suicide Club: What a let down.
OracleElizabeth - wrote on 06/16/13

This review contains HUGE Spoilers, fair warning.

Well I had some high hopes for this one but that was quickly dashed on the rocks of it's convoluted and confused plot. This movie feels like it changed plots so many times that it confused even the actors. It's hard to explain without spoilers, so here's another spoiler warning. At first the movie was about people randomly committing suicide, then it was about peer-pressure and committing suicide to fit in, no wait it's about a secret website run by a manson-istic group that wants to prove that reality truly is nothing. No... wait now it's about how people care about nothing but themselves and that killing themselves is proof that you really love those that you are connected with... Actually the movie is none of these things, the movie is actually about a teenybopper band that is getting its fan to kill themselves. That's it. Just imagine Justin Bieber fans all killing themselves en masse because he said so and you got the gist of the movie. The movie I suppose is supposed to show how the internet is effecting people and the generation gap and all that... which it doesn't. It fails so hard.

Watch for the great suicide scenes, don't bother listening to the actors talk, (which is a pity, they got some really good ones in there) and you should really take a look at the skin roll. That's a prop work of art.

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